Big News: Telangana announces a 11-15% road tax on electric vehicles; Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Telangana announce social housing schemes; Reserve Bank of India releases a study stating that Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Maharashtra,and Karnataka cumulatively accounted for 57.2 percent share of the total bank-assisted investment proposals made during the year 2022-23.


Asian Development Bank (ADB) approves a loan of $40.5 million to support integrated early childhood development and maternal mental health in Meghalaya. The Meghalaya government will contribute $15.27 million to the project.

Source: Northeast Live; In detail: Press release

Climate Change

Electricity Regulatory Commission (UERC) extends the prevailing generic tariff of $0.0558/kWh for the fiscal year 2023-24. This extension applies to solar power projects designated under the Mukhyamantri Saur SwarojgarYojna (MSSY) Program, spanning duration of three years until March 31, 2026.

Source: Solar Quarter; In detail: Order

Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) approves the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company’s (MSEDCL) petition to initiate a competitive bidding process to procure 7 GW of solar power under the Mukhyamantri Saur KrishiVahiniYojana (MSKVY 2.0) initiative, to manage the rising agricultural demand in the the state.

Source: Mercom; In detail: Order


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Telangana announces full waiver of farmer loans up to $1,202.86 with immediate effect.

Source: NDTV; In detail: Press release

Industrial Policy & Business Regulations

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Land Acquisition & Labor Regulations

Noida approves the draft Master Plan 2041 for New Noida paving the way for the acquisition of 21,000 hectares of land for industrial development.

Source: Moneycontrol; In detail: Draft Master Plan 2041 NCR

Infrastructure & Governance

Jharkhand launches the “Abua Awas Yojna” with an initial outlay of $1.8 billion. The program aims to build low-income housing for citizens in the next two years.

Source: India Today

Madhya Pradesh launches the “Mukhya Mantri Jan Awas Yojana” scheme to provide free houses for the homeless people in the state. The scheme aims to provide housing for the people who have been left out of the two national housing schemes, i.e., the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and the Awas Plus scheme.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Telangana announces the Dignity Housing Scheme to provide 10,000 double bedroom houses to low-income families residing alongside the Musiriver. The scheme was announced considering potential housing security concerns due to flooding during the monsoon season.

Source: The News Minute

Kerala amends the Private Industrial Estate (PIE) scheme to incentivize individual developers to establish industrial parks in the state. Under the scheme, developers will receive a financial grant of $0.36 million for constructing essential infrastructure like roads, electricity, and water supply within industrial estates.

Source: Construction World; In detail: Press release

Rajasthan launches the “Annapurna Food Packet” scheme that seeks to distribute food packets to more than 10.4 million families for free every month. The scheme is part of the Inflation Relief Package, announced by the chief minister in February under the 2023-24 state budget.

Source: Hindustan Times; In detail: Press Release

Rajasthan approves $45 million for the development and strengthening of six canal water projects in different areas of the state, benefitting 70 villages.

Source: The Week; In detail: Press Release

Goa launches the “Gramin Mitra” scheme, aiming to provide doorstep delivery of government services across the state and promote digital empowerment in rural areas.

Source: Economic Times; In detail: Press release

Telangana announces a 11-15% levy on electric vehicles, replacing its previous road tax exemption for EVs.

Source: The Hindu

Center – State Relations

Reserve Bank of India releases a study stating that five states — Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Odisha, Maharashtra,and Karnataka — accounted for 57.2 percent share ($24 billion in total project cost) of the total bank-assisted investment proposals made during the year 2022-23. This is higher than the states’ 43.2 percent share during 2021-22. This indicates a skewed industrialisation pattern in the country.

Source: Indian Express; In detail: Private Corporate Investment Study

Any Other

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