Big News: Maharashtra extends the discount period for electric vehicles; Punjab approves incentives for mega and ultra-mega projects; Haryana regulates nursing education; Karnataka publishes a draft bill to promote urban sustainable mobility; Jharkhand reserves 75 percent private-sector jobs; and more.

Industrial Policy & Business Regulations

Uttar Pradesh (UP) government increases the license fee for liquor retailing by 7.5 percent under its new excise policy. Source: The Print; In detail: Government of UP’s Twitter

Goa cabinet approves a policy to export rejected iron ore dumps. The policy intends to restart mining activity in the state. Source: Economic Times; In detail: Chief Minister’s Office Twitter

Land Acquisition & Labor Regulations

Delhi extends the 20 percent relaxation in circle rates on property sales till June 30, 2022. Circle rate is the minimum rate set by the government for valuing land. Source: Economic Times; In detail: Delhi Revenue Minister’s Tweet

Karnataka government lowers property guidance values (circle rate) by ten percent till March 31, 2022. The move aims to encourage new property registrations. Source: Economic Times; In detail: Karnataka Revenue Minister’s Twitter

Infrastructure & Governance

Karnataka government publishes its draft Active Mobility Bill – Karnataka, 2021. The bill seeks to protect the rights of pedestrians and cyclists while promoting urban sustainable mobility. Source: Deccan Herald; In detail: Draft Bill

Punjab cabinet approves a special package of incentives for new mega and ultra-mega project applications received till October 17, 2022. Incentives include special electricity tariff rates and reimbursement of the goods and services tax. Source: Indian Express; In detail: Chief Minister’s Office Twitter

Climate Change

Delhi has deregistered over 100,000, ten-year-old diesel vehicles. Owners can either retrofit them with electric kits or sell them in other states. Source: Times of India

Maharashtra government extends the early bird scheme for redeeming an initial discount on electric vehicles to March 31, 2022. The scheme offers additional benefits to customers over the central government’s faster adoption and manufacturing of hybrid and electric vehicle scheme. Source: Car and Bike; In detail: Maharashtra Minister of Tourism and Environment’s Twitter

Oil & Gas

Jharkhand government announces a subsidy of $0.33 on petrol and diesel for residents living below the poverty line. Source: Business Standard; In detail: Chief Minister’s Office Twitter

Water & Sanitation

Nothing critical to report this week

Power & Renewable Energy

Rajasthan sets new tariff rates for solar and wind energy projects with power purchase agreements that expired in the year 2019. Source: Times of India


Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel launches the health service management center (HSMC). The HSMC portal will monitor benefits received under various central and state government schemes in addition to tracking enrolled beneficiaries. Source: Indian Express

Haryana government introduces a new policy to regulate nursing education and prevent the mushrooming of illegal nursing colleges. Source: The Tribune

Business Negative Reforms

Jharkhand government reserves 75 percent of jobs in the private sector for local candidates. Source: Times of India; In detail: Chief Minister’s Office Twitter

Any Other

Nothing critical to report this week

Center – State Relations

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