India faces a complex energy challenge: it needs cheap and abundant energy to power high economic growth and lift its citizens into the middle class. But it also hopes to keep its commitments to the U.N. Climate Change Convention and achieve energy independence. India’s states have the resources to generate the energy India needs, but they take different approaches to fostering the growth of the industry. This section allows you to explore energy news from India’s states and offers the Wadhwani Chair’s analysis of India’s energy sector.


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Recent Articles

Rajasthan Permits Net Metering and Net Billing Arrangement

Rajasthan permits net metering and net billing arrangement under the renewable energy service company model. The regulations will apply to all grid-connected distributed renewable systems to be commissioned on or after July 1, 2021.

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While India’s healthcare system is expansive in terms of the number of beneficiaries covered, inequalities in access to high-quality yet affordable care continue to plague delivery systems and push citizens towards the more unregulated private sector. Similarly, while India’s National Health Policy of 2017 promises to reform this system, the responsibility to institute those reforms falls to the states who each have their own unique challenges and opportunities to meet the healthcare needs of their people. This section allows you to explore emerging healthcare policies and news covering new initiatives from India’s states and offers the Wadhwani Chair’s analysis of India’s healthcare sector.

Recent Articles

Gujarat Aims to Standardize Private Healthcare Services

Gujarat passes the Gujarat Clinical Establishments (Registration and Regulation) Bill, 2021. The bill aims to establish uniform standards in facilities and services offered by private healthcare establishments within the state.

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Meghalaya approves its first health policy

Meghalaya approves its first health policy. The policy aims to address the issues of malnutrition, micronutrient deficiency, stunting, and cognitive development of children.

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Jharkhand Notifies Workplace Policy on Tuberculosis

Jharkhand notifies a workplace policy on Tuberculosis (TB). Per the policy, all employers in the state are required to arrange for the treatment of employees for TB and its related comorbidities, including occupational lung diseases.

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